Addlane makes creative teamwork easy

Unlike email, Addlane keeps everything organized by project and library. Things are always where you expect, and search finds what you need when you need it.

Innovate faster with videos

People absorb images 80% faster than text, but the tools we use are stuck in boards, channels & inboxes. Addlane focuses of visuals with chat.

Write on photos

Edit within chat and library means you can write directly on photos, videos, Illustrator, even PDFs without ever downloading. That saves valuable time.

Save time with ai

19.8 % of business time is wasted searching for information. Addlane implements ai to help teams be more efficiently by auto tagging photos & reading files.

Unlimited file size share

Unlimited file share reduces the stress of how to send files. Whether you want to share an Illustrator file, dozen photos and/or a couple of videos, Addlane marries creativity with easy.

30% of the workday is spent searching for information
That's the equivalent of 1 day per work week. What will you do with the time Addlane saves you?